Hi, my name is Tanya Cagle and I’m writing this letter on behalf of my sister, Tammy Christie. I want to start with saying how very proud I am of my sister. She has struggled with addiction her whole life, and comes from a family where both parents suffered from addictions as well. Growing up, I saw first hand how destructive it could be. I saw addiction take hold of my sister and I wondered, as it grew from one addiction to multiple addictions, if she would truly recover.

I’ve seen her go from outgoing to withdrawing from friends and family. At one extremely low point, she even called me to raise her son. At one point, her struggle led her to live in a camper in someone’s back yard. It was then that my sister prayed and God sent help in a unique way through Wings Of God.  I saw my sister find some hope, and she found that there were other girls struggling with the same thing and they all had a story. That’s where her journey of recovery began. Through adversity and struggles, she came out on top. My sister lost not only her biological father and her biological mother, she also lost her stepfather during her time of recovery and through all of that I never saw her waiver. She always kept pressing forward and the staff that have been working with my sister have been amazing. I think that they also recognized the strength that my sister found in the program and the program worked.

My sister has been clean for three years. She’s accomplished her GED and is working full-time, all while mourning loss of her parents, regaining the relationships with family, and healing the most important relationship with her son. Its remarkable how what has been restored! Her son is also so proud and can see the strength in his mother where there once was none. l love that my sister is able to stand and be an example to all that hard work and dedication can overcome addiction, despite the adversity that life can give you. Through it all she stuck to it, she didn’t budge or give in to old habits. Instead she faced reality and dealt with the blows head on and stands victorious in her faith in God and herself, and the system. I love her and am so proud of her example of true recovery.

Tammy Christie was chosen as runner-up for the COABE Adult Student Learner of the Year! She was selected from nominations from across the country, and will be featured on the COABE website.