Judy Fitzgerald is a beloved volunteer at Wings of God. She has been ministering to the Pearls for about a year and a half. We asked Judy if she would share a little bit about herself and her time with Wings of God.

WOG: How did you come to Wings of God?

Judy: A few years ago, the Wings of God Director gave a presentation at my church. I then attended one of the Annual Benefit Dinners and organized our Women’s ministry to fill tote bags with personal care items for the Pearls. I had grown up in a family of heavy drinkers and had worked as a nurse in a 28-day recovery unit. I had experience with 12-step programs, so I thought I could do something at Wings of God.

“I am happy to be an older woman teaching younger women how to live godly lives as I am instructed to do in Titus Chapter 2.”

Judy Fitzgerald, Wings of God Volunteer

WOG: How have you grown in your faith volunteering with Wings of God?

Judy: I have grown to love God more as I do volunteer teaching. Sharing God’s limitless lovingkindness and the hope we have because of our Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection for our sins increases my faith. Seeing how God is working in the Pearls’ lives makes me love God more and more.

WOG: Anything else you would like to share about spending time with the Pearls?

Judy: Meeting weekly with the Pearls is truly a highlight of my life. It is thrilling to play a part in helping reshape these dear women’s lives. I share my own experiences to let them see that if God could change me, He can change them, that their brokenness and past mistakes don’t define them. God has a loving plan for each of them in their faith walk. I am happy to be an older woman teaching younger women how to live godly lives as I am instructed to do in Titus Chapter 2.

Volunteer Opportunities at Wings of God

Many helping hands are needed to encourage our Pearls (program participants) and share the love of Jesus Christ.  

Please prayerfully consider your involvement in one or more of the following:

  • Mentors – one on one relationship building with a Pearl. We are asking for a one-year commitment to meet weekly. Assignment based on detailed evaluation and prayer to achieve the best possible match.
  • Transportation Help – transporting Pearls to various local locations using your vehicle. We are flexible with what matches your availability.
  • Event Planning Committee – join our team as we enjoy planning various events and avenues in which to introduce Wings of God to the general public and oversee and build funding sources.
  • Licensed counselors to meet once a week with one Pearl.
  • Prayer Team Leader/member
  • Yard Maintenance – Quarterly opportunities – weeding and maintenance outside.