Cass arrived at the Wings of God Home on November 14, 2016. She is 25 years old, born in Allegan, MI, and a Graduate of Otsego High School. She has five siblings and two children: a daughter, 10, and a son, 6. As a young child, Cass liked to read and listen to music. She began to lose her way around the age of 13, shortly after the sudden death of her step-mother. She became rebellious, angry and out of control, began smoking pot and drinking, eventually using harder drugs. She did not have a relationship with God growing up, even though she had people in her life that attempted to share the Word of God with her. A coworker started talking about spirituality and Cass began asking questions about God. Cass believes that once God saw she was interested, He intervened in her life and was soon arrested and wound up in the Van Buren County Jail. During her 30 days in jail, another inmate (Mischelle, who is also a current resident) started ministering to her, praying and reading the Bible with her. Mischelle also informed Cass of the Wings of God program. Both of them completed an application; however, Cass took several days to complete the application and eventually sent it in to be considered for the program. She was interviewed by the Wings of God staff and was accepted into their program the week she was scheduled to be released from jail. Cass was faced with the decision to continue on a self destructive path or to choose to pursue a personal relationship with God. She later realized that God already knew her heart and provided the opportunity to seek Him at the Wings of God. Cass indicated that “God had His Hand on me when He removed me from living in a drug environment, placing me in jail and sending me to the Wings of God the day of my release from jail. He continues to open doors for me when I pray and ask Him to guide my footsteps.” Cass currently has nine months clean. She was baptized on November 20, 2016, at Truth Church in Paw Paw where she is an active member. Cass indicated, “There is no other place for opportunities to change than Wings of God. I am constantly receiving spiritual refinement while building a relationship with God. I am developing a spiritual foundation that I can take with me when I leave. I had no idea what to expect when I chose to become a resident. My heart has been converted through the Word of God. God showed me that I am valuable, loved and that I am the woman He created me to be. I would be dead or in prison had I not made the choice to follow God. He called me out of the darkness of my addiction and saved me.” Cass intends to continue her walk in faith while serving God after completing the one-year Wings of God program.