Wings of God Board Member Jeff Rebenstorf, Volunteer Liz Devries, House Manager Rhonda Cochran and Night Manager Amy Ajileye recently attended a three-day workshop called Healing The Wounded Heart, created by the Trauma Healing Institute.  The objective of this workshop was to train the Wings of God staff to help minister to the Pearls who experienced childhood trauma in their past.  It was presented by Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry

The material focused on the biblical truth about healing and provided guided exercises to encourage healing.  One of the exercises included writing down some of your suffering on a piece of rice paper and then bringing the sufferings to the cross while saying out loud “I’m handing over my suffering to Jesus, who died on the cross for me”.   The rice paper was then placed in a bowl of water underneath the cross and then the paper and the sufferings were dissolved once it was submerged in the water.  It was a reminder to bring all burdens daily to the cross. 

Wings of God strives for excellence and receiving training in this class is one example of how staff can be more impactful to the Pearls while sharing the Word of God.

Rhonda Cochran, House Manager at Wings of God Transition Home