Tara Behrman has been a supporter of Wings of God since the beginning of this ministry in 2012. She has gifted a handmade quilt to every Pearl that has completed the program. Tara’s quilts are beautiful and created with love and prayers. Since Tara has been sharing her gift for over 10 years, we asked her to share her story about how she became involved with Wings of God. 

WOG: How long have you been a quilter?

Tara: I began quilting about 1998. I was newly married and becoming all domestic-ey. My mother-in-law was a quilter and she took me under her wing. The church I was attending at the time also had a quilt ministry where I would join in creating quilts to give to people needing comfort. Later, after she passed from cancer I took a short hiatus as I missed my quilting mentor and I was very busy raising/homeschooling our three children. I finally regained my traction in the art and enjoyed providing coverings for my family and others.

WOG: What do you love about quilting?

Tara: Quilting is great therapy, usually, that combines using my creative side and working with my hands. I love to see how the process becomes a beautiful keepsake that hopefully will become a treasured legacy.
It’s also neat that I can hack up perfectly good material and create something even better! I look at beautiful fabric and envision how much better it can become under my skillful hands, much like God looks at us and refines our lives to be even more beautiful under His loving hands.

WOG: You have been providing quilts for Pearls who graduate from the program at Wings of God since the beginning of the ministry in 2012. How did you hear about Wings of God and what made you decide to bless the Pearls with a quilt?

Tara: The church I was attending at the time was integral in supporting Wings of God during the initial preparatory stage. I felt led to continue what my mother-in-law loved to do, give away quilts, and knew she would be so on board with the gifting. I also was busy raising my family so my time outside of the house was very limited. I tend to be a Martha and working alone in my Studio is wonderful plus I enjoy being a behind-the-scenes worker bee. So, it began as a tribute to her life and love for people that I continue still at Wings of God. Each quilt is created in colors the Pearls love, the pattern is chosen as I feel led, and each one is prayed over during the piecing, quilting, and finishing. It is my hope that they will cherish it as a reminder of God’s love shown through ordinary people, how far they have come in their health and spiritual journey and a warm hug.

I look at beautiful fabric and envision how much better it can become under my skillful hands, much like God looks at us and refines our lives to be even more beautiful under His loving hands.

Tara, Quilter Extraordinaire!

I originally quilted these on a domestic sewing machine which was somewhat laborious, as I had to lay everything out on the floor or raised tables, pin it together, and then roll it up to maneuver around the small neck of the machine. I also felt very limited in my artistic abilities and the physical toll slowed me down. I had prayed for years to finance a longarm quilting machine that would allow me to attach the back to a frame and move the head of the “sewing machine” around the quilt sandwich. This would be much better on my body and make creating these more efficient. The Lord provided one through an amazing source. We had to build a separate outbuilding for her, and she came home in July 2015. Yes, it’s a ‘she’ and I lovingly call her Millie. I had told the Lord if He provided me the tool of my dreams I would continue gifting quilts as long as I am able. The really cool thing is Millie originally belonged to a quilting friend of my mother-in-law who quilted all the tops she gifted her grandchildren. But God.

Just a few of the beautiful quilts created by Tara over the years. 

Candy, Graduated Pearl with Tara and gifted Quilt.
Lauren, Graduated Pearl with Quilt
Kristina, Graduated Pearl with Quilt.

Many helping hands are needed to encourage our Pearls (program participants) and share the love of Jesus Christ. Volunteers working directly with the Pearls are required to complete online training videos.

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