Our daughter Nicki was a resident of  Wings of God. She has completed her 1 year and has since graduated the program. Nicki has now moved to the next step house and is doing very well.

 Before Nicki came to Wings of God, she was overcome by addiction for years. It was powerful, and it controlled every aspect of her life.

For years we supported our daughter as she went through many struggles in life. Broken and unhealthy relationships, employment, emotional turmoil, treatment centers. We had Nicki stay with us on several occasions and she would start to feel better, but after a few days she would disappear because her addiction would take over again. Nicki always told us when she hit another bottom that, she didn’t like what she was doing but couldn’t stop.

We prayed for her every night and asked God to keep her safe. Sometimes, for days on end, we didn’t know where she was or if she was dead or alive. We feared that we were going to out-live our daughter, which is something that no parent should have to go through.

About a year and a half ago, Nicki’s addiction had gotten the best of her, she got in an auto accident and ended up spending some time in Jail. Nicki had mentioned Wings of God once when she was getting out of a treatment center, but at the time she didn’t qualify for the program.

While she was in jail, I made a call to Wings of God and got some information. Nicki needed to be the one to contact them. A few days after she was released from jail, she contacted Wings of God. We feared thag if she stayed with us for long, that life would go back to the way it was. Nicki took the step for help through Wings of God. 

We personally believe that becoming a resident at the Wings of God has saved her life. 

The programs the residents work through, Daily Bible readings, attending church, the structure, rules and self-awareness classes, we feel, are what made her who she is today.

Our Daughter Nicki is a very strong, confident, loving, spiritual person who loves God.

Her family relationships are being repaired. We are very proud of our daughter Nicki for going through the program and not giving up on herself.

We have experienced what this program has done for our daughter and our family, and what it can do for others. We have a special place in our hearts for all the ladies that come through the door of Wings of God. There is always hope and a chance for a new, God filled way of life.