Hi –  my name is Alyson and I am a previous Pearl. I’d like to share my new realization moment with y’all. So a few months back my life was just totally falling apart. I didn’t know what &/or where I had gone wrong, I have to carry a backpack that has all my belongings inside 99% of the time, nowhere to sleep, still an outsider. So I figured I’d do what I did when I was happy and that meant that I miss my relationship with God. It’s the little things in life.

Structure, reliable, routine, goals, action plan is what worked for me.

So every morning I wake and just thank God for a new “blank page”. I make my bed so I don’t lay in it all day and take my growing puppy out for morning duties 😊.  I have 3 notebooks I try to write in daily: prayer/and talk with my God, also lists of my things to do for the week & also daily lists. I have my daily God agenda/journal book I write new things I’m learning ( Spanish mostly) and I have a Bible app now that I read in every day and sometimes even a few times a day doing all different “nuggets” wanting to learn more, remember when I’m hungry or need water then so does my dog King-King. Staying busy making new and healthy habits…..

Everything I just said above is what I did every morning at W.O.G for over a year or more. And now those are my daily routine goals that have helped me find my way back and take my blindfold off. You still stood by me in my mess and supported & loved me just as God loves and is continuously doing work in all of our lives, a real blessing.

Thank you Wings of God for giving me a new way to live following Jesus and help me start my masterpiece with the little things in life.


Wings of God Transition House provides a Christian living environment for women who are currently or previously incarcerated and are looking for a transformed life by learning and applying Christian Principles for a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. Please visit our Help Me & Apply page if you are looking for a new way of life. You can also find more information on our FAQ page. Please do not hesitate to call us to talk and for more information. 269.415.0777