Blog post by Rhonda Cochran, House Manager at Wings of God Transition Home

I walk in the front door around 8:00 AM and greet the Pearls with a “Good Morning Ladies! How is everyone?” Their response is “Good Morning” we are doing great!! I am then greeted by the house therapy dog, Lucy.

The Pearl’s morning starts at 7:15 AM with devotions at the dining room table and reading from various devotional books and looking up scriptures in the Bible. On occasion they listen to worship music in the living room from the smart TV and I can hear them singing when I open my car door in the driveway. It makes my heart smile to hear them praise so early in the morning. I know it is going to be a good day for them whenever I hear them sing.

They receive a daily message from one of our morning muscle leaders at 8:00 AM.  I see God show up in each one of our morning muscle leaders when they share The Word of God and specific Bible verses that pertain to how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.  I smile when I hear the Pearls comment that the morning muscle leader was spot on with the devotion.  I often tell the Pearls that there are no coincidences.  They are amazed how each morning muscle leader brings similar topics that coincide with what is happening in the house.   That is God for sure!!

I meet with each Pearl individually to go over their daily schedule and to talk about what the Holy Spirit is working on in them.  It is a time to really connect with them and give them attention.  We pray together, laugh and sometimes cry together.  I often tell them how proud of them I am because they are facing life without the use of drugs and are feeling their feelings and allowing God to heal them.  They don’t realize how courageous they are when they allow God to transform their lives.  I see miracles every day when I witness a Pearl choose life and not death.  God is in this place.

I do a walk through the house to check the Pearls assigned daily chores and their bedrooms.  They have to make their beds every day and keep their rooms tidy and clean.  They are responsible for completing daily and weekly tasks to earn points which determine when they move to the next phase of the program and eventually graduate from the program.  I review their point check lists and offer grace and guidance to the Pearls when their points are not earned for the day.  The Pearls have the opportunity to make up points that they did not earn by completing incentive points, such as volunteering for one hour, attending extra church activities, memorizing Bible verses or completing an extra spiritual nugget. 

The best part of my day is when I spend one on one time with them sharing my experience and my love of God.  I refer to Bible verses that relate to our topic of conversation and I can visually see how they process and understand the Word of God.  It is like a light bulb that shines in the darkness as they realize how God is speaking to them.  

I love to see how each Pearl welcomes and provides reassurance to new Pearls.  I witness how they apply the fruit of the spirit when they offer kindness, compassion and encouragement for the new Pearl.  They understand because they were also the new pearl.  I am blessed to witness each of their transformations and be part of their journey.  I sometimes don’t know if I am the student or the teacher.

I feel very honored and privileged when the Pearls open up and begin to trust all of the staff and volunteers at Wings of God.  

Afternoons are usually filled with opportunities to spend time with the Pearls listening to their victories and offering comfort and guidance when they are dealing with life on life’s terms.  

I go home each day inspired by the day’s events and thank God for calling me to serve at the Wings of God.

Rhonda Cochran House Manager at Wings of God Transition Home 


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