It is always a joy to celebrate important events in the lives of the Pearls. Candy is currently at Wings of God. She graciously allowed us to mark her One Year Clean with a homemade upside down pineapple cake and we sang her praises! (Funny little story – when Candy first arrived at Wings of God it was a time of many birthdays and other occasions. It seemed we had a cake and celebration every other day! She was beginning to wonder if that is all we did around here was eat cake!)


I praise God for all of it. I love all my sisters, Karina, Rhonda, and Lucy!


“I am proud of you. I love you. Being one year clean is a big victory.” Tanya

“You are worth saving. You matter. You believe that now. You didn’t give up before the miracle happened.” Rhonda

“You are inspirational and I am glad you are one of my sisters.” Carolyn

“I am glad you are one of us and you will be family forever.” April

“This is a big step and I am going to follow in your footsteps.” Amy

Congratulations Candy!

Overcoming addiciton, celebrating victories, loving on women as they have never been loved before and sharing the hope we have in our Saviour Jesus. This is what Wings of God is all about. Looking for help? Take a look at our website help page or feel free to call us at 269.415.0777.