Christmas celebration with the Pearls is absolutely amazing! 

God’s people blessed them with beautiful gifts for Christmas. Many of the Pearls had never received so many Christmas presents and they were amazed and smiling the whole time! 

Tears also came. Tears of Praise to God that they were present, drug free, and enjoying this celebration clean for the first time in many, many years. Even visits with their children impacted them this year. So many Christmases family events were missed due to addiction. Now the Pearls are a new creation in Christ, new beginnings, new life, new Momma’s.

This was almost a month ago and I’m still pondering the beautiful and joyful faces of the Pearls. So Amazing. God is so good. Things would be so different for them if they did not have this home, and most importantly having been introduced and accepted Jesus into their precious hearts.

Praising God for this glimpse and the impact it has had on me as Executive Director. Thank you to those that support this ministry in so many ways.

Sweet Blessings,

Karaina Lamorandier, Executive Director