Years ago as God was revealing His plan for my life, God revealed the need for a safe and secure Christ-centered home in Paw Paw, MI. After much prayer, tenacity, grit, networking, passion, and anointing, God brought about Wings of God. A safe home where our Pearls (program participants) will have a very cozy bed, food, God’s love, God’s word, consistency, boundaries, lights, plumbing, transportation, and the list goes on!

What would they be without it? Homeless! Why? Because many have felonies and many, if not most, landlords do not allow tenants with a felony background. So then what? This amazing woman is homeless, will probably return to unhealthy “friends” and places, and start using again. One has to ask, why wouldn’t they? Having a home is the absolute beginning of successful reentry into society. With no home, there is no place to take care of yourself to “do” life. How does one get a job if they have no home address or safe rest place to prepare each day for work? This is incredibly discouraging and most times will bring hopelessness.

Please advocate for our Pearls and ask God to show you possibilities for housing, perhaps a friend that has a large home to share, or an elderly person who needs a companion but not a full-time caregiver. Perhaps someone you know owns rental property and you could ask them to waive the rule of “no felons”. Maybe you personally can offer felon-friendly housing with intentional vetting if need be – there are felons that are healed of that lifestyle and choices, we cannot continue to rule them out.

This breaks my heart. Years ago I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His. Housing is vital to a healthy and thriving life. If you don’t know me, please know that JESUS is really the only way to a truly thriving life!

I hope this blog touches your heart and prompts you to help us help our Pearls to find housing as they graduate from our Program.

In His Hope,

Karina Lamorandier, Executive Director, Co-Founder